Dandy Star is dedicated to ensuring that selling our products is just as successful and exciting for you as it is for us. We just have a few simple guidelines to make sure we both get the most out of this professional relationship. By placing a wholesale or bulk order with Dandy Star, you hereby agree to the below reseller terms and conditions.


1. Dandy Star retailers must explicitly state that the items being sold are "Dandy Star" products.

2. Dandy Star packaging must remain on the product and the Dandy Star logo must be visible.
The Dandy Star logo may not be hidden, stickered-over or removed.

3. All product pricing must be in accordance to prices detailed in the wholesale catalog.

4. Dandy star retailers are not permitted to sell our products online without our prior, expressed written permission. Approved online retailers are only allowed to sell on their specifically approved URL.  Dandy Star retailers cannot sell Dandy products on third party retail sites such as Amazon and eBay or banner shop sites such as not on the high street etc.

5. Dandy Star does not guarantee any type of exclusivity to its retailers for the products in our catalog.

6. Dandy Star does not accept returns for wholesale orders unless the product is defective.

7. Dandy Star retailers must have our prior, expressed permission to use the Dandy Star, brand, or imagery in any way. This also includes all Dandy Star designs.

8. Dandy Star orders are “prepaid” and must be paid by major credit card, Paypal, business check or ACH transfer prior to the shipment of the goods. Additional orders will not be processed until receipt and clearance of payment for previously submitted orders. 

9. For international orders, please note that you, the purchaser are solely responsible for all tariff, import and duty related fees and taxes.

We are glad to have you as part of the Dandy Star family and we are looking forward to seeing Dandy Star in your store

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to charlotte@dandystar.com.